Women rights = Human rights

About Us

Who we are

Why Me Association for women rights is an independent, non- governmental, non-profit  and non-partisan organization with legal personality. Why Me Association was founded on June 6 ,2011 and got publicity in 2012.

 A democratic society in which all enjoy equal rights for women and men with taking into consideration that the rights of women is an integral part of human rights.

The Massage

Building leadership and awareness capacity to end gender-based discrimination and violence.

Our values

Transparency, the right to recognition and diversity, teamwork.

Target groups

Victims of violence, migrant and refugee women, women employees / workers / students.

What sets us apart

The association contributed to raising the voices of women and girls in expressing their issues and promoting advocacy on these issues.


  • Change the stereotype of women.
  • Implementing programs related to raising awareness about human rights mechanisms.
  • The main activities related to women’s rights and gender equality.
  • Legal empowerment of women.
  • Awareness and advocacy campaigns.
  • Studies and research.

Our achievements

·         Working to achieve a positive and long-lasting peace

·         Amend and introduce laws and change policies

·         Influencing public opinion

·         Provide psychological, social and legal support to victims


  •  The constitution in Libyan eyes project.
  •  Participate in forming leadership teams to contribute to awareness about the constitution campaign project.
  •  The constitution draft and international agreements project.
  • Support women candidates for the constitution drafting body project.
  •  Enhancing the role of youth in local government project.
  •  Your vote makes a difference to support women in municipal elections campaign project.
  •  Legal culture project to build the capacities of civil society, activists and the media in human rights and international humanitarian law.
  •  Legal culture project, Part Two.
  •  Kafana campaign project to combat violence against women during armed conflict.
  • The project of spreading a culture of social peace.
  •  We are all brothers.
  •  Peace Women project to build the capacities of women leaders in dialogue and peace.
  •  Civil Society Capacity Building Project in Libya.

Our activities

  • Civil Rights / Politics.
  • Education / training.
  • Studying violence patterns / sustainable development.